Frequently Asked Questions

Do the horses work from 7pm to 6am as the signs indicate at the horse carriage stands?

No! The allowed operating times (7pm-6am) are the hours horse drawn carriages are permitted on the streets of Atlanta. Our horses work a 4-6 hour shift per day. Each horse works 3-4 days per week, primarily on the weekends.

Where do the horses live?

We have a stable in the downtown Atlanta area and another stable one hour outside Atlanta. The horses are rotated between the stables frequently and live both the city and the country life. We do allow visitors at our Downtown Atlanta stable, but please make an appointment.

Where is the water for the horses?

Each driver brings two buckets of water from the stable, and the buckets are hung underneath the carriage. Drivers also have additional storage underneath the driver and passenger seats that fit 5 gallon jugs of water. For the rare occasion when the horse drinks all water carried from the stable, the drivers have access to several water spigots for a refill. However, we do have a few horses that don't drink at all during a 4-6 hour shift!

Doesn't the pavement hurt the horse?

Our horses wear Rubber Horseshoes, which help absorb the concussion of the horse's weight pounding the ground. The rubber horseshoes also have excellent traction on all sorts of surfaces, making it safer for the horses.

Are the horses happy?

Horses are creatures of habit and are content having a routine. Our horses are easy to catch, easy to load in a horse trailer, easy to harness, and easy to drive. All these signs indicate a happy, content horse.

Where can I find out about the carriage horses?

The website dedicated to the horses of Nottingham is You can learn about each of our horses and their personal history and also learn more about our Downtown Atlanta stable. You can also join our Facebook group to keep up with the daily activities of the Atlanta carriage horses at Nottingham Shires.

Support Working Draft Horses

We love our horses, and love to share our horses! We encourage the public to learn more about draft horses. Draft horses are gentle giants that have been our partners in many aspects of life. Today these majestic animals are a national treasure that is on the decline. Since the industrial revolution and mechanization of our society, the mighty draft horses are no longer needed for agriculture, construction and transportation. The populations of these horses are a tenth of what they used to be a century ago. Please support draft horses and working horses.

Nottingham Horse Facts