Introducing the FIRST Rockaway Carriage to Atlanta!

Please call 678-621-3414 for information about booking and availability.

The Rockaway Carriage is ideal for couples looking for that special VIP touch.

This carriage adds that royal touch to any event, from weddings to a romantic anniversary dinner downtown.

Our Rockaway Carriage dates back to the late 1800s. The rockaway carriage was restored in 2011 for us by Amish craftsmen from Raber Wheel Works, USA. The Rockway carriage is an American carriage created in New York and was extremely popular as a family vehicle in the 1800s. Our Rockaway is known as a "Glass Curtain Coupe Rockaway." The "glass curtain" refers to glass windows on the carriage, a feature only seen on carriages of wealthy families in the 1800s. The "coupe" refers to the seating capacity, a coupe being a two-seater, just like a car! This carriage is ideal for all types of weather! Like a car, the Rockaway features a solid roof and glass windows that roll up and down.

The Rockaway is available for special events inside downtown Atlanta as well as the surrounding area.

Please remember this carriage only seats two. This carriage is for COUPLES ONLY!!

  • equipped to be pulled by one or two horses
  • several different colored teams of horses to choose from
  • seats two adults
  • available by reservation only

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